Here at 22Teeth I find inspiration in many of the early 20th century’s technological innovations. I spend endless hours of researching, archiving and editing the idea in order to depict some the world's greatest achievements. Typically I start by sorting through vast amounts of existing drawings and photography, and then re-imagine, draw and compose them in ways not yet produced. All of these representations are drawn in-house and by myself and are not simply prints of existing drawings downloaded from the internet. The drawings are then formatted and transferred to a film, and plates are made for the letterpress printing process. For a limited time, I also offer handmade frames for the 18”x 24” poster prints so be sure to check that out in the SHOP.... I also make the frames myself here in Brooklyn. Don't see an item you have a fond interest in? Special orders can be made so check out the CUSTOM EDITIONS page for more information.

Design is not making beauty, beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love.
— Louis Kahn